Natural Anti-pollution Active

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ZOSTERIGEL is a unique vegetal active obtained from Zostera nolti (oceanic plant) from the Arcachon Bay. It is composed of a very specific polysaccharidic fraction with a high level in Apiogalacturonan (pectin naturally greffed with D-apiose which is a rare monosaccharide with innovative biological activities). Zosterigel exerts an anti-pollution activity against the cutaneous stress due to heavy metals and polyaromatic hydrocarbons: on human skin explants exposed to polyaromatic hydrocarbons and heavy metals representative of the urban atmospheric pollution, Zosterigel down-regulates the expression of AhR (Aryl hydrocarbon Receptor), reduces the production of MDA due to the air pollutants and protects the epidermis structure.

Beige translucent gel
1% - 3%
Compatibility and status